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What makes us different?

With our various teams specialising in their particular industries, we have Specialist Consultants working in even more niche verticals, ensuring that everyone who works for us truly is an expert in their field. 

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Experts who care

Our clients are the driving force in Technological Advancements across numerous industries. From Robotics
and Automation, through to Software and Design, we work with genuinely world-leading companies across the
globe. We’ve helped to build Technical Teams behind some of the most technological Cancer Treatment
Machines, through to Components used in Submarine Periscopes and Space Satellites.

Key Positions that are regularly recruited for include:

Electrical Design

 Electronic Design

 Software Engineers

Programme and Project Managers

 Technical Support

Robotics Engineers

 Embedded Software Engineers


Automation and Process Engineers

Looking for your next career?

Start your recruitment journey with us today.

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